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Penetrant & Magnetic Particle Testing

Penetrant & Magnetic Particle Testing

Our Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection test class provides solutions and equipment to inspect the quality of semi-finished products, namely, wires, tubes, profiles, billets and braces/plates or components in the automotive and general engineering industries. We provide accuracy and precision to detect undesired defects and facilitate the quality assurance of the products. We provide detection solutions for defects at various orientations, types and depth to address quality control challenges in a vast range of manufacturing industries.

Penetrant Testing (PT): a non-destructive testing method which is easy to perform. Penetrants which have a low surface tension and a high capillary effect are used, so they can easily penetrate into openings at the surface of the test specimen such as surface pores and thin cracks with widths in the micrometer range (≥25 µm). Typical indications which can be detected with penetrant testing are: Cold cracks, Hot cracks, Grinding cracks, Gas pores and clustered porosity, Spongy microstructure, Stress corrosion. Three different methods are distinguished depending on the penetrant applied: Color penetrant testing (penetrant type II), Fluorescent penetrant testing (penetrant type I), Fluorescent color penetrant testing (penetrant type III). General principles for application of the different testing product systems are described in detail in basic standard for penetrant testing EN ISO 3452 part 1.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI): a simple but sensitive method for detection of inhomogeneities at (or close to) surfaces of ferromagnetic materials. During magnetization of these materials a magnetic leakage flux appears above material separations (e.g. cracks, pores). This magnetic leakage flux attracts the ferromagnetic particles. We offer different testing products (fluorescent or colored) in form of dry powder, liquid concentrate, water-based, ready-to-use oil-based suspension. Furthermore, we offer developed test equipment such as hand yoke magnets, cross yokes, permanent magnets.


Our global partners offer versatile products to our respected clients to achieve the balance between efficiency, performance and feasibility simultaneously for every operation. In addition, we offer turnkey PT and MPI solutions for   tubes, profiles, billets, braces/plates and automotive components defect detection systems to provide assurance for the final quality of your products and comply with mandated regulations, standards and protocols.

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