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Our Values
our values

Our Chain of Corporate Values:

Turnkey solutions, customer satisfaction, family spirit dynamics, and knowledge creation are the four fundamental values of Hamson Namvaran’s corporate culture. We at Hamson Namvaran have integrated our devoted values in our business environment to create a work dynamic to accommodate a diverse workspace operated with creativity, ethics and profound human interactions.

  • Turnkey Solutions: We are obligated to provide turnkey solutions, specifically tailored to the production challenges of our customers and facilitate their development processes.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We genuinely aim to provide our customers with effective and low-cost solutions and technologies to satisfy their goals towards a consistent production experience.
  • Family Spirit Dynamics: We concentrate to grow and learn together as a family and contribute to the development of the business, structure, goals and success of the company in personal and corporate levels.
  • Knowledge Creation: We pledge to create and spread knowledge and technology advancements to the local and regional industry to maintain a developed production capacity with capable professionals.

Strategic Four Step Approach

To satisfy you with world-class consultation, procurement and problem-solving services we execute a 4-step approach to maintain high quality and cost efficient business mechanisms:

Step one is to diagnose your current operating challenges, deficiencies and issues according to technical and economical constrains. We concentrate to demonstrate a global scheme of your production challenges to identify potential technical deficiencies and cost-enhancing operations, which restricts your overall expected potentials and manufacturing capacity.

Step two is to develop in-house technical and economical solutions tailored for your specific production challenges. Emphasizing on technologies and products from our world-class partners, we aim to provide revolutionary technical concepts and economical cost-reducing approaches to guarantee a sustainable production environment.

Step three is to specifically plan and offer educational programs regarding the recent developments in the associated technologies, in collaboration with international experts and research scholars and provide technical and maintenance training on every equipment provided.

At the last step, our team of experts who are constantly elevating their technical knowledge regarding the technology developments will provide 24/7 technical and administrative support to all of our respected customers to satisfy every specific requirement, instantaneously.