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Monday to Saturday

Educational & Training Programs

The Story of Hamson Academy

The idea of an advanced engineering and business management educational program was developed to fulfil our mission to establish a reliable and applicable knowledge base for the regional manufacturing industries. The goal at Hamson Academy is to provide knowledge-driven and high-tech concepts to the professional community to assist with the development of advanced production methods and business management criteria. Our training programs are executed by renowned university professors, certified educators and trusted industrial professionals to address realistic challenges in the industrial communities.

The educational and training courses, seminars and workshops can be accessed by public or could be tailored exclusively for interested industries in physical format at our equipped facility with laboratories, classrooms, amphitheater and conference center or through our online platform. The public academy schedule will be updated regularly to inform the interested professionals regarding our upcoming programs. Whereas, the private training programs can be determined on-demand by companies, institutions and industries, accordingly.

Our training programs consist of a widespread range of target professional capabilities, whether basic concepts and principles for the knowledge-seeking beginners or the most recent technological developments for our advanced audience. For more information regarding our general training programs please check our dedicated website section and in case of exclusive training requests, please contact us at academy@hamson-namvaran.com and our colleagues will gladly assist you.