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Quality Control Department

The Quality Control Department provides advanced solutions and equipment to satisfy the quality control guidelines of diverse production processes. Our global QC partners provide reliable and cost-effective products, technologies and services to comply with standard regulations, facilitate the product quality assurance monitoring activity, and ensure the final quality of the manufacturing efforts.

We provide turnkey solutions for semi-finished products test systems, component testing, mobile testing, penetrant testing, and inspection services to facilitate the quality assurance of your production challenges.

Our current portfolio consists of a complete range of QC equipment to address every client request, namely, eddy current, ultrasonic (UT), thermography, and magnetic flux leakage testing solutions for semi-finished products including tube, wire, bar, and plate product categories, eddy current technologies for automotive parts testing, magnetic measurement technologies, magnetic particle and penetrant testing inspection material and equipment, material properties measurement systems, and X-Ray and Computer Tomography (CT) solutions for material testing.

Our equipped laboratories and trained technical staff provide an esteemed opportunity to examine multiple QC technologies and demonstrate our cost-effective and proficient solutions upon customer requests prior to any purchase decision.


Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG – Germany

Specialty – Eddy Current, Magnetic Flux Leakage, Ultrasonic, Thermography, and Magneto-Inductive Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Solutions, Magnetic Field Measurement, Mobile Testing and Inspection Services

Since 1948, the name FOERSTER has been synonymous with the highest quality and precision. We develop and produce instruments and systems for the non-destructive testing of metallic materials, metal detection, and magnetics.

With electromagnetic testing methods such as eddy current or flux leakage testing, but also by means of ultrasound and inductive heat flow thermography, we, as a technology leader, make surface defects visible. Using highly sensitive fluxgate magnetometers, our detection devices also locate precisely contaminated sites, UXO, and archaeological artifacts. Instruments for determining magnetic properties and for hardness testing of metallic components round off our comprehensive portfolio.

In addition to the development of individual instruments, our expertise lies in the implementation of complete, customer-specific test lines and their automation. With our Business Solutions, we offer you additional comprehensive services. We see ourselves as a partner for the entire product life cycle: from development, design, and production to service and training.

Our qualified sales and service network is active for you in more than 60 countries worldwide. Making quality visible.


Karl Deutsch Prüf- und Messgerätebau – Germany

Specialty – Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, and Penetrant Testing Inspection Systems and Equipment

The privately-owned company KARL DEUTSCH was founded in 1949 and develops and produces instruments for non-destructive material testing.

Portable instruments, stationary testing systems, sensors, and crack detection liquids are produced by 130 motivated employees in two works in Wuppertal. Additional 20 employees in international offices and a worldwide network of dealers support the export business which accounts for more than 50% of the turnover.

Our customers are metal producing and processing industries, e.g. steelworks, automotive companies, and bearing manufacturers.

Typical test tasks are ultrasonic weld testing, detection of shrink holes in castings, crack detection in forgings with magnetic particles and dye penetrants, safety components for railway and aerospace as well as the wall and coating thickness measurement.

Characterized by continuous innovation and product reliability, the trademarks ECHOGRAPH, ECHOMETER, DEUTROFLUX®, LEPTOSKOP®, FLUXA®, KD-Check ®, and RMG are well-recognized.

Application experience, theoretical knowledge and manufacturing know-how spanning more than six decades as well as the standard compliant quality management guarantee state-of-the-art instruments and accessories and a leading position with regard to quality, reliability and economy also for the future


YXLON International – Germany

Specialty – Radioscopic and Computer Tomography (CT) Inspection Systems

The name YXLON stands for quality assurance for all types of cast parts, tires, electrical and electronic components, turbine blades, welded joints, and a lot more. Our product portfolio includes X-ray systems for installation in radiological inspection envelopes, universal X-ray inspection systems on the basis of fully shielded devices, as well as solutions specific to individual customers. Whether in manual, semi, or fully automated operation, our inspection systems are ideal for deployment in research and development and can be integrated into any production process.

Computed tomography systems have been an integral part of our product portfolio since 2003. CT provides a three-dimensional insight into inspection items thus enabling the analysis of inner structures, dimensional measurement tasks in metrology applications, or actual-to-nominal comparisons to CAD data, to name a few. Besides delivering a more precise inspection evaluation (when compared with radiography), computed tomography also provides valuable information about the production process. Above and beyond such advantages, our microfocus systems permit highly detailed views into the most intricate structures and tiniest components.

With headquarters in Hamburg, we have sales and service locations in Yokohama, Hudson (Ohio), San Jose (California), Beijing, Shanghai, and Hattingen, as well as a network of representatives in over 50 countries. At YXLON we are local for our customers all over the world.


HELLING – Germany

Specialty – Penetrant, Magnetic Particle and Special Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Solutions

HELLING was founded in 1863 as a trading company. Today, HELLING is a worldwide recognized manufacturer of high-quality products for all aspects of non-destructive testing. We are convincing our customers by innovative, customer-oriented developments of facility and equipment engineering as well as by the reliable quality of our test media.